Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Admin Services


I have been doing Online Entries now for a number of years for clients and can appreciate the complexity that can be involved.

So rather than spending hours entering yours and your clients horses in all the classes at the County and Association shows, pass that burden over to me.


All I need is a copy of each horses passport and relevant paperwork. Then send me the details of which class each horse or pony is competing in at the show, and I can do the online entries for you. They can be quite time consuming so why not pass that job on to someone else and allow yourself to concentrate on getting the horses ready for the shows.


I can keep an eye on closing dates and remind you when they are due. I can also provide you with an easy visual report on which horse is at which show. I can also complete the paper entries as and when required, and ensure all the information is correct. And I can tailor any other information you may require.

Online Entries

Bookkeeping Services

I am a qualified Bookkeeper, so why not let me do your bookkeeping for you? I can invoice your clients and chase your payments. I can also look after your expenses and payments, and produce a set of monthly and/or annual accounts. Just let me have your expenses, receipts and details of costs to be charged out. 


With showing, there are costs! I can easily invoice show entry costs out to your clients, and after the show I can invoice the costs involved in attending the shows.

Discretion and Confidentiality is Assured at all times. At no time will any clients Business be discussed with a third party. All clients have a Letter of Engagement, which clearly outlines this and other agreement clauses.

Admin and Office Services

Every business needs to stay organised in order to increase revenue and grow the business. And that’s where I come in.

I can help with correspondence, typing, calendar management, work with Clients and Customers, marketing and networking, social media and website updates (though I am not a website designer!).


By using my admin services you free up time to work with your horses and grow your business. During the showing season the days are long and the last thing you may feel like doing is paperwork. By utilising my services I can run that side of your business whilst you are away and keep things ticking over.